Interview with Dr. Shahriar Sedghi & Steve Barry of Your Doctor’s Immediate Care

Dr. Shahriar Sedghi and Steve Barry sit down with WGXA to discuss the opening Your Doctor’s Immediate Care.

Your Doctor’s Immediate Care prides itself on offering the Macon community the care they need at a price they can afford; Dr. Sedghi and Steve Barry share their thoughts on the goals of the practice in an interview with WGXA. You can view the interview below, or here on the WGXA website.

Host: And we’re joined live in studio this morning by Dr. Sedghi, Dr. Barry, here to tell us about a very special initiative happening right here in the mid state to get folks the care that they need—health care they need—at a price that they can afford. We’re helping out patients and doctors in this. I’ll start with you, Dr. Sedghi, why don’t you tell us a little bit about what’s happening with this new urgent care facility.

Dr. Sedghi: Good morning. The urgent care is really part of this grassroots organization by the physicians in an attempt to improve and lower health care costs. We are going to operate as an extension of our primary care and our specialists’ offices, so in other words, if you have an urgent situation that is not life-threatening, we should be able to handle it during [the] daytime when your doctor is not available, evenings, and on the weekends, and all of this care will be coordinated with your physician, so that unnecessary testing and additional costs do not occur.

Host: Okay, so what this is is this is a special urgent care facility that a lot of doctors in Middle Georgia are working alongside to make sure that if their office—if my doctor’s office—isn’t open, and I need care, I wasn’t just shot, you know, I’m not going to the emergency room, I’m not rushing to the emergency room, but I need care and the doctor’s office isn’t open, then this new urgent care facility is there, they’re going to communicate with my doctor, I’m going to get affordable care, and I’m not going to get things—I’m not going to repeat tests—with my doctor.

Dr. Sedghi: Absolutely. The whole intent is to reduce excessive testing, which currently occurs; the number of unnecessary imaging and testing, because of that lack of coordination is astronomical.

Host: And that billing goes up, and up, and up.

Dr. Sedghi: Right, and the cost is just too excessive for patients, and the system as a whole.

Host: So this is good for patients because the bills are going to be lower, and you have more care that knows what’s going on, but also good for doctors. The doctors [are] very enthused about this.

Dr. Barry: Right, and so you know the doctors of Macon have really come behind the organization. Patients are probably seeing signs in all the doctors’ areas, and that’s the whole concept behind Your Doctor’s Immediate Care—it’s an extension of your doctor’s office. We want to make clear, if you’ve got gunshot wounds, traumatic car wreck, heart attack, you need to be at the ER, but for most care, that is probably the least appropriate place to get that care, and it’s putting a strain on the system, and at the same time lowering on levels of cost that you don’t want to get involved in. At Your Doctor’s Immediate Care, the big issue is co-pays. This is a physician, primary care office, so you would get the same primary care co-pay that you would pay if you were going to your doctor. If you go to the urgent care center, you’re looking at $70-$80 depending on your plan (and up), and in the emergency room you’re looking at $150 now. So for the patients it just makes a whole lot of sense to get that doctor care.

Host: Right, it makes sense for everyone. You get more coordinated care at a better price, and you’re taking that pressure off the ER which means better care at the ER for people in those real emergency situations.

Dr. Sedghi: Absolutely, we would like to work in close hand with our hospital systems, because there are times and people who are going to be admitted, and we would like to arrange for direct admission to the hospitals, again, coordination of the health care is the key.

Host: There you go, better communication and coordination between all our different health care branches means better patient care, better patient satisfaction. Where is the new urgent care facility? How do people take advantage of it?

Dr. Barry: It’s at 2410 Ingleside Avenue, right next to the Ingleside Village shopping center. We want to stress as well that although your co-pay—as a patient your co-pays are the same as your doctor’s office. The quality of care, more expensive care is not necessarily better care, and so just as you trust your doctor and that’s where you turn to in times of need, this is the extension of your doctor’s office.

Host: Very nice.

Dr. Sedghi: And one last word, we created a very beautiful facility, because we wanted to point out that lower cost care can be in a very nice environment—it does not have to be in a dump.

Host: Very nice, it’s lower cost care, but it doesn’t feel like it. That’s the important thing. Dr. Barry and Dr. Sedghi, trying to get us better medical care at a better rate. Everyone’s on board with that, thank you all so much for joining us this morning.

Dr. Barry: Thank you so much for your time.