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Exercising in the Summer Heat

Don’t let the summer heat get between you and your exercise routine!

We’ve all seen those crazy folks outside, in the hottest weather of the year, tenaciously running or biking despite the summer heat. We think, “How can they do that?” When it’s difficult enough to walk from point a to b without breaking out into a sweat, the idea of running long distances seems insufferable.  However, just because it’s hot outside doesn’t necessarily mean you have an excuse to avoid outdoor exercise. This article explores the different ways to help you keep cool during your workouts. Some of the suggestions are more realistic than others (would you really be willing to freeze your underwear?), but they are all scientifically proven to help keep your body from overheating.

The author does caution that while certain practices can help you keep cool, they are not guaranteed to prevent heat illness. If, at any point, you feel unwell you should immediately stop and rest preferably in a shaded area.

Happy Running!

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