At a time when medical costs are spiraling out of control, our goal at Your Doctor’s Immediate Care is to provide a desirable alternative without losing the personal touch of your primary care provider. If you or a loved one is feeling unwell but cannot see your physician because it is after business hours or the office is already booked with appointments, let us help you get back to your normal, healthy self. No one should have to wait hours at the ER or be gouged with a costly bill. At Your Doctor’s Immediate Care, we are an urgent care clinic that values your time and money.


We want all of our patients to enjoy their experience at Your Doctor’s Immediate Care. From the time you walk in the front door until you’re home safe and sound, we strive to make you as comfortable as possible. Whether it is your first time at our urgent care facility or you are an established patient, our staff is here to answer your questions, treat you with compassion, and aid in your recovery.

Learn more about the variety of emergency and urgent care services we offer by visiting our Services page, or reading our Frequently Asked Questions.